Betting on Yourself to Grow Your Career, with Deanna Nwosu

The Room Block

Nov 17 2021 • 37 mins

After more than 2 decades working in the hospitality and events industry, Deanna Nwosu chose to step out on her own during the pandemic. Today, she is Founder and Event Strategist at Deanna Camille, which assists organizations with all aspects of virtual and in-person events. What makes somebody take the uncertain step of becoming a solopreneur during such an uncertain time for the events industry? Deanna has the answers, and they all come down to a deep trust in, and knowledge of, yourself. If you’re somebody who loves being challenged, takes immense pride in your work, and isn’t afraid to bet on yourself then Deanna Nwosu is somebody you should know. A perfect storm led to the creation of Deanna Camille; let this episode show you that planting even the tiniest of seeds can eventually yield the most fruitful results.  Deanna Nwosu is a hostess at heart. This led to her career in event planning which allows her to coordinate countless opportunities to connect with clients, vendors and