Producing Events While Having Endless Fun, with Will Curran

The Room Block

Nov 10 2021 • 37 mins

Many people who work in the events industry may be prone to stress and burnout, but Will Curran is not one of them. As Founder and Chief Event Einstein of Endless Events, Will seems to have found the antidote: do what you love and what you’re good at. Will loves the career and life that he’s designed so much that he almost makes it sound easy to produce in-person, virtual, and hybrid events for a portfolio of over 1,000 customers. While I know that’s not the case, I have a feeling this episode will show you that there are truly endless possibilities to living the life you desire. During his stay in The Room Block I asked Will why people love him and his company so much, how he became “THE guy” in the event tech space, and what he learned from starting Endless Events when he was just 17 years old.  You’ll hear from Will that one of his specialties is taking things that seem complex or even impossible and demystifying them, and realize that he has used that skill to create a life of tru