Enhancing Your Magnetism, with Nancy O'Brien

The Room Block

Mar 31 2021 • 50 mins

Do you ever notice how some people seem to attract success? Chances are, they’ve been taught the rules of etiquette and business protocol, and have picked up the soft skills that allow them to seamlessly guide and influence others. In this episode, I am joined in the Courtesy Block by Nancy O’Brien, who after an award-winning career in hospitality and destination marketing founded The Magnetic Truth Advisory, where she is dedicated to teaching her clients the confidence-building skills that are necessary to achieve personal and professional goals. Nancy shares how her 25 years of working in sales and leadership roles for some of the biggest names in hospitality taught her the skills that continually propelled her onward and upward. She also shares some helpful hints that we can all use as we learn to not only adapt, but thrive in our “new normal.” Nancy O’Brien is an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and the CEO & Founder of The Magnetic Truth Advisory, LLC, a personal performance advi