The Future of Work with Game Changers, Presented by SAP

Bonnie D. Graham

The pace and dimensions of digitalization are constantly increasing and putting pressure on companies to more effectively lead and organize their internal and external eco-system. At the same time, many businesses do not fully leverage the potential of their employees and partners. Why? Their status-quo mindset does not question current leadership models or invest in the future of work trends. Join host Bonnie D. Graham as she invites you to take an additional coffee break with game-changers for our special series that gives you a glimpse into tomorrow’s daring business and industry trends around the Future of Work - and how to re-invent “working models” within your internal and external eco-system. Learn how you can become the savvy Transformation Leader who takes your company across the finish line as you look ahead to the next wave of business. The Future of Work, presented by SAP, live on Tuesdays on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.