Devin Shacket - Being Willing

The Voracious Student

Jun 3 2021 • 57 mins

Devin Shacket is an on-camera acting coach, actress and casting professional. Devin talks about auditioning for TV and Film, what she focuses on in her on-camera classes and how her experience in casting has influenced her approach as a teacher. Devin shares how and why she created the New York Drama Center and gives insight into the work of some of the acclaimed faculty at the Center, including Jim Calder and Olympia Dukakis. Devin and Denis also debate the term "master teacher", discuss the pros and cons of grad school for actors and have an unexpected conversation about what it means to be truthful.

Devin Shacket:
Website: www.devinshacketoncamera.com
Instagram: @devkara
The New York Drama Center: www.thenewyorkdramacenter.com
Photo: Todd Estrin

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