Episode 5: The Hybrid Publishing Path With Author Lee Tobin McClain

Way-Word Writers Podcast

Feb 5 2024 • 46 mins

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On the Way-word Writers podcast, guest Lee Tobin McClain, New York Times best-selling author, discusses her journey as a hybrid author - writing books for traditional publishers and independently publishing her work. She delves into the advantages of being a hybrid author, like multiple sources of income and control over backlist, while highlighting the extensive time commitment and need for business acumen. McClain also provides advice to aspiring authors considering this career path, recommending the adoption of a business mindset, writing quickly, and being aware of constraints such as time and demands of a day job. The conversation also explores the paths of self-publishing and traditional publishing, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities unique to each.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation
00:18  Lee Tobin McClain's Journey to Becoming an Author
02:11 Understanding Hybrid Publishing
03:21 The Role of an Agent in a Hybrid Author's Career
04:04 Balancing Traditional and Indie Publishing
10:31 The Business Side of Being a Hybrid Author
24:24 The Pros and Cons of Traditional vs. Indie Publishing
24:59 Pricing Strategies in Traditional and Indie Publishing
27:29 The Power of Backlist in Indie Publishing
28:49 The Crossover Benefit of Being a Hybrid Author
37:23 The Challenges of Editing in Indie Publishing
45:21 Advice for Aspiring Hybrid Authors

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