Episode 10: Self Care and Stretches for Writers with Dr. Erica Patton, Chiropractor

Way-Word Writers Podcast

Mar 11 2024 • 30 mins

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Self-Care for Writers: Chiropractic Insights and Essential Oil Tips
This episode of Way-Word Writers features Dr. Erica Patton, a chiropractor who discusses the importance of self-care, especially for individuals who spend extended periods sitting and writing. Dr. Patton shares her background, her journey into chiropractic care motivated by personal experiences with migraines, and the joy of balancing work and motherhood. She offers insights into common physical challenges faced by writers, such as upper back tension, headaches, and neck pain, and suggests practical solutions including chiropractic adjustments, specific stretches, and the use of essential oils like frankincense, peppermint, and lavender for their various health benefits. The discussion emphasizes finding balance and listening to one’s body to prevent and address discomfort, with practical tips on posture, incorporating movement into one's routine, and the multifaceted benefits of essential oils in self-care practices.

00:00 Introduction to Dr. Erica Patton and Her Journey
00:25 Dr. Patton's Personal and Professional Background
01:01 Balancing Work and Family Life as a Chiropractor
01:44 The Importance of Self-Care for Writers
02:19 Common Physical Challenges for Desk Workers
02:42 Chiropractic Solutions and Self-Care Tips
05:27 Effective Stretches for Neck and Shoulder Relief
07:29 Strengthening Exercises for Better Posture
10:04 Daily Habits for Preventing Pain and Discomfort
13:01 Understanding When to Seek Chiropractic Care
15:17 The Role of Essential Oils in Self-Care
18:37 Exploring Essential Oils: Favorites and Uses
19:06 How to Apply Essential Oils Safely
19:53 Internal vs. Topical Use: A Guide to Essential Oils
20:39 Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils in Cooking and Self-Care
20:48 Essential Oils for Health and Wellness
21:23 Self-Care and Relaxation Techniques with Essential Oils
24:20 Incorporating Essential Oils into Daily Routines
26:02 Adapting Workspaces for Health: Standing Desks and Reading Postures
28:09 Finding Personalized Strategies for Movement and Self-Care
29:22 Concluding Thoughts on Self-Care and Essential Oils

*Remember we are all different so LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Neck Stretch:
Drop ear to shoulder, try to stretch through the neck. To get a deeper stretch, take one
hand and grab the bottom of your chair. You’re going to take the other hand and pull the
head away. Then, look down towards the opposite armpit, and you’ll feel it down the
back of your neck.

Shoulder Stretch:
Go to a doorframe and make a L-shape with your arm. Place the arm up against the
doorframe and lean into it. As you keep the arm parallel to the ground, it’s going to stretch out
the pec muscle and help loosen it up.

Strengthening Exercises for Better Posture:
Do you ever get a knot between the shoulder blades? You can go up against a wall and
make cactus arm and as you bring the arms down, you want to make sure to keep the shoulders
back. You want to imagine you’re pinching a pencil between the shoulder blades. Make slow and
controlled motions as you do 10-15 reps.

Deep Deck Flexor Stretch;
Aka the “chicken exercise.” Lay down and bring your chin forward toward the ceiling
and then back in as though you’re making a double chin. Go back and forth. This will help with
all the computer and writing work.


Frankincense - (King of Oils because it does everything) a natural anti-inflammatory,
antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and antiviral.
Peppermint – muscle tension, nausea, upset stomach
Lavender – soothing, natural sedative
Breathe blend – asthma, breathing

Chocolate Peppermint Brownie

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