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Overwhelmed by the political news cycle every week? We get it — that’s why we’re ‘keeping the fun but losing all the drama’ of politics! Party Politics podcast is hosted by Brandon Rottinghaus and Jeronimo Cortina, two smart and sassy University of Houston political science professors, who deliver a friendly, funny, and casually informative recap of the week's biggest political news stories. Join the conversation on Twitter @HPMPolitics; use #PartyPoliticsPod to ask Brandon and Jeronimo questions; or email us at Party Politics.

Party Politics: Thanksgiving EditionParty Politics: Beto’s BackParty Politics: Texas Voter SurgeParty Politics: Proposition Edition!Party Politics: Krause’s CrackdownParty Politics: Well Isn’t That Special?Party Politics: Abbott Flip-Flops On Party PrinciplesParty Politics: It’s Gerrymandering Time AgainThe ‘Party Politics’ Of Third Special Session of the Texas Legislature
Sep 29 2021
49 mins
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