Interview by Wade Ed Stanley

Knowledge Brews Supreme

Mar 24 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

My guest for this episode is Wade Ed Stanley, making his third appearance on Knowledge Brews Supreme! Wade is an artist, musician, and generally a wizard of all things related to creativity. He has a wonderful social media page, NotWadescomics, where he continues to brighten the world with his comics and art in general.

Wade was the second guest to come on this show  all the way back in 2021. I promised Wade on Episode 20 that once I reached episode 69 I would bring him back on so he we are, folks! We are doing things a little different on this episode. Instead of interviewing Wade, he interviewed me! I didn't know what he was going to ask so I was very eager to find out! Wade had 30 questions for me to answer!