Interview with Dustin Growick, dinosaur expert

Knowledge Brews Supreme

Mar 4 2023 • 50 mins

My guest for this episode  is dinosaur expert and anthropologist, Dustin Growick. Dustin is a trained anthropologist with a Masters degree in human biological and cultural evolution, with his on-camera and in-person work focusing primarily on dinosaurs, a proven gateway drug to science.

Dustin has also written two dinosaur encyclopedias and led prehistoric adventure tours across the state of Colorado. Always looking for new ways to engage new audiences, he designed and hosted interactive and ticketed Dino 101 virtual experiences every week for over a year during the height of the pandemic.

Dustin continues to expertly and energetically communicate science via tours of the American Museum of Natural History, on Instagram Reels, and at his monthly live science comedy variety show, SCIENCE 101.

You can find Dustin on his website, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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