Raiders Of The Lost Podcast

Raiders of the Lost Podcast

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Raiders Of The Lost Podcast is an entertainment news and review podcast. This show explores current film news and discusses famous movies from the past. It also discusses some of the industry's most prominent actors and movie recommendations. In addition, the program occasionally features commentary on TV shows.

Twin brothers James and Anthony Deveney, who are self-described "film geeks," host the podcast. Both grew up loving movies and now work in the film industry. James is a filmmaker who graduated with a media and communication studies degree. He has worked as a producer and cinematographer on short films and music videos. Anthony is a director and photographer. He worked alongside his brother on the short movie Midnight Ruin.

James and Anthony review new releases on their podcast and discuss favorites. They also release regular "round-up" episodes, collating movies under different themes. One episode shares their favorite indie films. Another talks about the best and worst releases of the year. This podcast could be a helpful listen for anyone looking for a new movie to watch.

"Letterboxd Recap" episodes discuss the films the hosts have watched recently. Using the movie-related social app Letterboxd, they discuss the site's top recommendations. These episodes compare the hosts' views with the opinions of site users. The hosts share their honest thoughts and don't always agree with popular opinion.

Another regular episode format is "Movie Draft." Here, the hosts choose a famous actor or filmmaker and explore their career. The two hosts split their films into teams. Listeners can then vote on which host has the best "team" out of the two. Other episodes rank actors' and directors' most famous works. These rankings include names such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and Cillian Murphy.

Raiders Of The Lost Podcast provides diverse film news and analysis. It has much to offer movie fans, from analyzing a favorite movie to updates on the film industry.

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