Episode 6 - November 19, 2009 - "Environmental Science", "Hunting Trip", "Shareholder Meeting", and "Sun Tea"

Comedy Night Podcasted Right

May 20 2021 • 59 mins

The run-times are getting leaner and meaner.  Not that much meaner.  I'm still making fun of Jay Leno; but tonight, Oprah Winfrey gets some criticism too.

Going back to November 19, 2009, tonight's schedule includes: Community S1E10 - "Environmental Science", Parks and Recreation S2E10 - "Hunting Trip", The Office S6E11 - "Shareholder Meeting", and 30 Rock S4E06 - "Sun Tea".

It's NBC's Green Week, so they're forcing the shows to shoehorn in environmental conscious themes.  Being told by a massive corporation to be eco-friendly is handled with the irreverence you should expect.  And, in breaking news, Oprah Winfrey has announced that she will be ending her daytime talk show at the end of its 25th season.  I'll handle that news with the irreverence you should expect.

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