Episode 21: Putting Chemicals Back in MCS. A Conversation with Varda Burstyn.

The Chemical Sensitivity Podcast

Mar 4 2023 • 1 hr 34 mins

Check out Episode 21 of The Chemical Sensitivity Podcast!

The title is “Putting Chemicals Back in MCS.”

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This episode features a conversation with Varda Burstyn,  longtime advocate for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Based in Ontario, Canada, Varda is also an environmentalist, writer, and has lived with the illness for decades.

You’ll hear Varda discuss her important and extremely well-researched report that she wrote with Maureen MacQuarrie in response to a 2021 paper published the Quebec National Institute of Public Health that claims MCS is an anxiety disorder.

Read the summary and report by Varda Burstyn:
"Putting the Chemicals Back in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity"

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