Outline Your Personal Brand Story with Tania Bhattacharyya

Missions to Movements

Feb 22 2023 • 38 mins

There's 50 million people worldwide that claim themselves as creators. Even more fascinating? That equates to a $100 BILLION dollar industry, which leads me into today’s conversation with Tania Bhattacharyya, founder of Lumos Marketing, all about personal branding and the importance and relevance of it.

In case you needed to hear this, you ARE a thought leader and a subject matter expert! I know there is something that you could talk about for hours that somebody else cannot. Tania shares so many gems around why nonprofit leaders need to be publishing content on LinkedIn, the self-assessment you can take right now to update your profile, and why we need to be intentional when it comes to AI tools.

In This Episode:

  • Looking at the “mosaic” of your life to pinpoint the defining moments (and why this is a great place to start when sharing your story)
  • How to build thought leadership on LinkedIn to be in the company of other founders, movers, and shakers
  • Tania’s powerful tips around showing up as an “approachable authority”
  • How to go visible on autopilot for an entire quarter using Tania’s “Lazy on LinkedIn” strategy (this idea is gold!)
  • The importance of watching your social media analytics so you can repurpose your most popular posts

Resources & Links

Learn more about Tania’s work at Lumos Marketing, connect with her on LinkedIn, and download her 14 favorite LinkedIn content prompts. She also has a podcast, The Campfire Circle, where she empowers purpose-driven women to build a personal brand that drives change and creates revenue.

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