1 Website Update That Can Drastically Improve Conversions

Missions to Movements

Mar 1 2023 • 12 mins

There's ONE word that might be hindering your conversion rate on your website and your emails, and you'll be shocked to know what it is.

Today’s solo episode is one I’ve been wanting to record for awhile. This topic came up in my monthly giving mastermind program as I was tackling online donation audits for each organization.

What I’m about to share goes into the psychology of giving, and this is hands down one of the simplest changes you can make that will create an even bigger impact.

In This Episode:

  • The different mentality between giving money vs. creating an impact
  • How color subliminally induces different moods and emotions without a person consciously realizing it!
  • Boosting conversions and building urgency through the use of active verbs
  • Powerful examples from Leap and the International Justice Mission (would you rather “donate”, or “save your seat on the bench?”)
  • The quick, 5 minute homework assignment that will inspire you to take action on your website

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