My 2023 Q1 Content Plan + A Few of My Favorite Things That Help Automate & Scale My Business

Missions to Movements

Nov 30 2022 • 21 mins

We are officially nearing the end of 2022. And what a year it has been. I feel like the word I've been saying on repeat lately is “wild!”

Today’s episode is a special one, as I have an important announcement to share that I’ve been keeping a secret for a long time, plus I’m revealing 10 of my most loved tools and services I’ve been using at Positive Equation that should spark some new ideas.

I’m also sharing what you can expect from December’s episodes (which will include quite a few tactical, short-form case studies, including a Google Ad grant strategy that generated 250 new leads!)

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Shop Dana’s Favorite Things

  1. Nuuly: My favorite place to rent fun clothes for speaking gigs and trips. Get $10 off your first month.
  2. HelloFresh: Delicious meals and saves me so much time meal prepping! Get $150 off.
  3. Honeybook: All of my contracts and invoices come from Honeybook and it’s so seamless. Get 20% off.
  4. 100 Degrees Consulting: One of the BEST investments I made in my business this year was hiring a part-time CFO through 100 Degrees Consulting, who specialize in working with small businesses and nonprofits. Make sure to mention me when you reach out!
  5. Agency In Your Pocket: Jackie Muscat is a gem and is so talented. Every month, I get two pieces of custom ad copy written, 10 beautifully designed ad images, 8 live support calls every month, and a private community. Learn more about her services here.
  6. Flodesk: If you like the design of my emails, that’s all Flodesk! If you want to try them out, you’ll get 50% off your first year! It’s also so easy to use and set up automated sequences and workflows.
  7. Klean13: If you notice a low open rate in your emails, you might want to go through and clean your email list out from time to time. Klean13 will verify all of the emails in your list. Check them out here.
  8. Buzzsprout: I use Buzzsprout to host my podcast and it’s been a great experience. They host all of my episode files and ad spots, plus provide helpful stats and analytics. Get $20 off when you sign up with my link.
  9. Podcasting for Creatives: This is the incredible team I use that makes my podcast sound amazing. Email me at if you’d like an intro to my podcast editing team!
  10. MemoryFox: A beautiful, easy way to help scale your community stories. They also have an integration with Canva. If you have any events coming up, it’s a seamless way to gather all of that content. Learn more here.

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