Welcome to The Second Phase Podcast!

The Robyn Graham Show - Success without Social

Dec 14 2019 • 4 mins

Welcome to The Second Phase Podcast!

Life can be funny! We might think it’s mapped out and happening in the right order but then one day we wake up and think what has happened?

This isn’t what I want to do forever! Or this isn’t what life was suppose to be…according to my dreams.

But there is a cloud of fear hanging over our heads and we aren’t sure how to be vulnerable enough to make a change.

Well, friends, I did just that and I survived!

I’m here to tell you all about how I left corporate, followed my passion, changed careers, and built a brand.

I’m going to share my mistakes and how I learned from them, and help you realize it is never too late to jump into the second phase and open your world to new dreams, opportunities and lives filled with success and joy!

I am so excited to introduce The Second Phase Podcast.

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