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Breaking down Quantum Computing
Dec 27 2022
Breaking down Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing are said to be able to solve problems that the computers used today cannot solve like finding cures for rare diseases and drug discovery. That is because the way that they are designed allows faster computational speed. This year has been a massive year in innovations in AI, and quantum computers would be able to reduce the time that it would take to train a machine learning model, which would mean greater innovations in challenging AI problems like autonomous vehicles and robotics.  I had a lot of questions on how quantum computers work which is why I spoke to Jordan Sullivan. Jordan is a Tech Evangelist for Amazon Braket at Amazon Web Services, which is Amazon Web Service’s Quantum Computing service in the cloud. At AWS, Jordan helps companies and researchers understand and utilize the latest in quantum computing.  Previously, they were a quantum architect at PsiQuantum, a series D startup that has raised $665 million in funding to build a commercially viable quantum computer. Jordan studied physics at UC Berkeley where they did theoretical research in quantum chemistry and superconducting qubits, which is a basic unit of quantum information in a quantum computer.  Resources Jordan mentions to learn more:,hardware%20research%20and%20application%20development.