Web3 Is More Like Web2 Thank You Think

Tech Trends Explained

Nov 28 2022 • 40 mins

Most of the news around web3 makes it sound like the world is going to be drastically different from how it is today. What you'll learn from this interview with Shai Perednik is that the world in web3 is a lot more like the world as it is today than you think. Shai is a Global Tech and Segment Lead for Web3 and Blockchain at Amazon Web Services where he advises web2 and web3 businesses on their tech strategy. When he’s not advising businesses, he’s teaching web3 technical concepts to employees at Amazon Web Services and researching the future of blended reality and sovereign digital societies.

Shai breaks down how web3 is being built and what that means to anyone that wants to start a business that uses web3.

Topics that you'll learn about after listening to this episode:

  • What is web3 and the metaverse?
  • The difference between public and private blockchains
  • What is mainnet and testnet in the Etherium blockchain?
  • What does "consensus" mean in a blockchain network?
  • How does the blockchain network get stronger as more ETH is staked?
  • What is needed to make blockchain mainstream?

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