Luke Hellebronth: Unearthing The Natural Songs of God’s People

The Walk: Devotionals for Worshippers

Feb 13 2023 • 19 mins

Unearthing the natural songs coming from a local body of Believers has become an exciting movement happening across the globe. Churches are tapping into their songwriters and artists and asking them to put poetry and prayers to music on behalf of their congregation. This exciting trend has birthed some of the largest worship platforms in the world.

In today’s episode our guest, Luke Hellebronth of Gas Street Music out of Birmingham, England, sheds light on a new way of looking at songs and their origins. His team’s “re-wilding” strategy could be a helpful model for songwriters and Christian musicians. Of course, the “strategy” aspect of this technique starts with making space for the Holy Spirit to guide the creative process.

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Who is Luke Hellenbronth?
Luke has been a worship pastor for the last 15 years. He is a globally recognised worship leader and songwriter, having written songs including ‘Spirit Break Out’. He has led and grown worship teams in many different contexts, cultures and denominations and has a deep understanding of the nuances of worship, church, people and leadership.

Luke currently oversees worship and Gas Street Music at Gas Street Church in Birmingham, UK, where Tim Hughes (‘Here I Am To Worship’) is the Senior Pastor.

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