144: Notice & Awareness - Phase 1 of The Podcast Niche Domination Formula

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Dec 16 2020 • 20 mins

https://podcastfasttrack.com/ (https://podcastfasttrack.com/) AFFILIATE OFFER MENTIONED: https://www.captivate.fm/signup?ref=pft (CAPTIVATE) - get your free trial! If your podcast is going to be top in its niche, people have to know about it. Obvious, but true. And you don’t accomplish it by posting 10 Facebook posts per day saying, “Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast!” Even if you include an audiogram. The awareness step requires what I’d refer to as “guerrilla promotion” techniques. Some involve social media, some don’t. 1 – Get biz cards printed up for your show. Seriously. Sticking with our real estate example from the first article in this series, if you’re actively working in the real estate industry, you meet others who are actively working in the real estate industry all the time. Right? Your podcast can help those people. But only if they know about it. So along with trying to rustle up new clients/customers (and handing out your normal business cards), why not rustle up some new listeners to your show by handing out show-specific business cards? And be sure to include a direct link for the easiest way they can subscribe to your show. You figure out what that is (and it may or may not include a QR code or two). 2 – Find the online and real-life communities that talk about what you talk about on your podcast It only takes one search on Facebook to find groups that are interested in what you have to say. Do it and join the groups that appear to be active and have a decent number of members. But again, don’t immediately start posting “Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast!” Follow these steps instead… 1. Watch and listen2. Notice the common questions or needs that arise3. Start answering questions with helpful answers (in other words, don’t just show off or promote yourself, truly help people)4. Make friends5. When you finally do share your podcast, do in a way that provides topic-specific episodes as a solution to someone’s needThen do the same thing in real life. It takes a bit more work to find these real-life groups, but they are out there. And they are extremely valuable! Google “my niche groups in my town” and see what turns up. Go to those groups. Then repeat steps 1-5 above in real life. And don’t forget to take your podcast biz cards! 3 – Take note of where high-profile people in your niche are and copy what they are doing Are there people in your industry who you look up to… • Writing pieces for industry magazines? (online or offline) • Placing ads in industry journals or publications? (online or offline) • Presenting at industry events? • Writing local newspaper columns or op-eds? • Guesting on podcasts within your industry? (affiliate link) Figure out how to do those things for yourself — and do them. Regularly. Giving away amazing insights and value. And keep at it. 4 – Develop friendships with others who podcast and blog about the things you do (and those influencers from the previous point) There are so many ways to come at any topic. That’s why there are so many podcasts in every niche (OK, maybe not in the “underwater basket weaving” niche, but you get the point). Those others who are podcasting or blogging in your niche are not your competition. In fact, they could become some of your greatest supporters. Pie will help me explain. The “podcasting pie” may have a limited number of slices, but the pie itself is growing all the time. Edison Research tells us that as of 2019, 51% of people in the U.S. have now listened to a podcast. But that also means 49% of the American public hasn’t listened to a podcast — yet. How many of those people are interested in your niche topics? Lots. I guarantee it. You and those others who publish episodes about your area of interest and expertise have plenty of people to...