Most Legendary Lost Cities in History | Episode 182

10ish Podcast

Aug 3 2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

EPISODE 182 | Atlantis. El Dorado. Camelot. Ba-boo-bee-bo? Which ancient lost cities (that may or may not have actually existed) are among the most famous, well-known, and legendary in all of human history? On this episode, Nick asks this same question to Andrew McKay from the Into the Portal podcast. Join Andrew in trying to guess the Top 10! PLUS... the ancient civilizations that built (and destroyed) each city, how some of these cities were discovered many years later, Ancient Aliens, underwater cities, cities made of gold, movie adaptations, peanut butter hydraulics, and MUCH more. IMAGES (contains spoilers!): Lost City #10 Lost City #9 Lost City #8 Lost City #7 Lost City #6 Lost City #5 Lost City #4 Lost City #4 - Preserved Bodies Lost City #3 Lost City #2 Lost City #1 ---------------------------------------------- Hear more from Andrew on his podcast, Into the Portal. Since 2018, Into the Portal has been uncovering the high strangeness of our world. Come with us and dive into historical mysteries, obscure monsters, hidden humanoids, classic Fortean legends, dark paranormal unknowns and so much more!  Listen now on any podcast app or at ---------------------------------------------- NEWSLETTER: REDDIT: YOUTUBE: ---------------------------------------------- Looking for more true crime talk? Listen to our NEW BONUS EPISODE, covering the Top 10 True Crime Stories of 2021. Nick is joined by true crime expert, Bernadette from Murderific, for this 10ish Pod+ exclusive. Listen now at ---------------------------------------------- TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: ---------------------------------------------- Listen to If You Give a Dad A Podcast on any podcast app or at ---------------------------------------------- Read a full transcript of this and all 10ish Podcast episodes at ---------------------------------------------- Ad Music (10ish Pod+): Awkward Meeting by Kevin MacLeod Background Music during 10ish Podcast Reviews: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod Learn more about your ad choices. Visit