The Life, Love, and Alzheimer's Podcast

Lauren Dykovitz

Lauren Dykovitz is a writer, author, and mentor for Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers. Lauren's mom was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s in July 2010 at the age of 62. Lauren was only 25 years old at the time. She quit her full-time job and became a caregiver for her mom at age 28. Lauren started the Life, Love, and Alzheimer’s blog and social media pages to document her journey and share her experience as a caregiver. She self-published her first book "Learning to Weather the Storm: A Story of Life, Love, and Alzheimer’s" in 2017 and her second book "When Only Love Remains: Surviving My Mom’s Battle with Early Onset Alzheimer’s" in 2021. Lauren launched the Alzheimer’s Daughters Club—an online mentoring membership for women who have a parent with Alzheimer’s or dementia—in 2022. Although her mom passed in April 2020, it is Lauren’s mission to help others on their Alzheimer’s or dementia journey by sharing stories and lessons from her personal experience. This podcast is about all things life, love, and Alzheimer's. In each episode, Lauren will share stories, tips, and lessons she has learned to help you process, cope with, and grow from your own Alzheimer's or dementia journey. Lauren believes that she used her experience to help her become a stronger, better person and live a fuller, more meaningful life. She can't wait to help you do the same with each episode! New episodes every Tuesday! read less