Purifying Truths


Join A. Starr as she shines a light on those who illuminate the world with their talents and expertise in a every facet of life including relationships, parenting, health, business, finance, entertainment and more!
Avoiding Caregiver Strain with Self-Care PracticesPharmacist Driven by Passion Rather than PayEveryone Should Possess Skills to Save A Life!Healing & Surviving Domestic Violence, Childhood Rape and MolestationReevaluate, Regroup and Refresh!Persistence and PerseveranceBalancing Life SuccessfullyYou Too Are A  StarAll Relationships MatterTransitioning & Pivoting During Unstable TimesSelf Love & Healing through SexSTOP Excusing & Justifying Abusive Behavior; Trust Your InstinctsSpeak your Truths!True Forgiveness Begins with OneselfIn Adversity Purpose was  Discovered!Quitting Is Not An Option!Removing Toxicity From Your LifeNo Sweat Warrior (Living with HED)Journey to Freedom from Chronic Pain & Prescribed OpioidsYou Have a Crown Too, Wear it Well!