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Our Editor's Take

Chris and Sean are two friends with one major thing in common. They are both sci-fi fanatics. They can't get enough of that genre. So the next logical step in their friendship was to start The Force Fed Sci-Fi Movie Podcast. Because if they enjoy talking about sci-fi films so much, there must be people who enjoy listening.

The Force Fed Sci-Fi Movie Podcast hosts' love affair with sci-fi started at an early age. Chris shares that his dad used to have Twilight Zone marathons with him on family holidays. After each episode, they would discuss the plot and analyze the themes. Sean also started watching the genre early on. His older brother used to wake him up at 5 am to watch episodes of Star Trek Voyager on VHS. Later on, the brother also introduced him to Star Wars.

The show has a simple format. In The Force Fed Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, the pair discuss a different movie every episode. They have a set format, where they first present the plot (almost) spoiler-free. Then, they share their knowledge and opinions about the actors, director, and screenwriter. On some episodes, friends like Jeremy and Kyle join to give their own opinions on the topic.

Once that's done, they start on more philosophical debates. As with most sci-fi movies, there is a more profound meaning, analogies, and metaphors. Was the filmmaker trying to make a statement?

And finally, they have three set segments. The first is where they identify the "red shirt character" of the film. This phrase originated in the Star Trek series, where a character with no name died to move the plot along. The second segment is the "lens flare" of the week. JJ Abrams often uses this in his films for no reason, only because it looks cool. And the third segment is their all-important ranking.

In the podcast, the pair talk about anything from Dune to Marvel. The hosts do a masterful job of dissecting each movie while providing insights along the way. Their banter is endearing, and their knowledge is never-ending.

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