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Parenthood Prep equips brand-new parents and parents-to-be with the tools and strategies they need to care for their baby, navigate sleep training, grow through the toddler and infant years, and cope with everything that comes with those overwhelming early days of new parenthood. If you are ready to feel like a better parent and the best version of yourself, while resting assured that your baby is the healthiest, most sleep-filled baby possible, you’re in the right place. Join baby and parenting expert Devon Clement as she shares her supportive, non-judgmental approach to help you find peace of mind and confidence as a new parent, and figure out YOUR way of doing things. For more information on how Devon can support you to navigate the early days of parenthood and help you and your child get the rest, nourishment, and most importantly SLEEP, that you deserve, visit This is the show for you if you find yourself asking questions like: *How do I get my baby to sleep? *How to cope with extreme tiredness as a new parent? *How can I get more sleep as a new parent? *What are the best ways to care for my baby? *How can I make sure I’m doing everything right for my child? *How can I prepare myself to be a new parent? *What do I need to know before becoming a parent? read less
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Start Here: Introducing the Parenthood Prep Podcast!
Apr 18 2024
Start Here: Introducing the Parenthood Prep Podcast!
As a brand-new parent or a parent-to-be, you want to be sure that you have ALL the knowledge and information you need to care for your baby. But with so much guidance out there, it can feel exhausting to dig through it all to get to the most important stuff.  What are the essentials?  What exactly do you need to know for those early days of parenthood, and what can be tossed aside? And how on earth do you find this information when you are BEYOND EXHAUSTED, and severely lacking sleep?  Preparing for your baby’s arrival, or desperately seeking guidance as a sleep-deprived parent can add an unprecedented layer of stress to your life. Your plate is already full, you do NOT have time or capacity to take on more, yet here you are spending day after day frantically trying to consume everything you need to know to be the best parent you can be.  The emotional stakes are a lot higher than a job or grad school program, so you want to get it right. I hear you, I get it. I’m Devon Clement. I’m a baby and parenting expert with more than 20 years of experience. I have worked with thousands of frazzled parents and families, and my depth of experience with babies and children is what led me to create Parenthood Prep. I cut through the overwhelming range of information out there, and get to what you really need to know, so you can maintain your sanity, approach parenting with peace and confidence, and most importantly, access sound sleep for you and your baby.  Sleep deprivation does NOT have to be your reality, and no matter your beliefs, background, or family structure, I’m here to help. I offer non-judgmental, non-dogmatic support for whatever style of parenting works for you, and I help you figure out YOUR way of doing things.  Each week, I’ll share practical tips, tools, and strategies to help you navigate those all-important early years with your baby, and celebrate the joys of new parenthood, without the sleepless nights. You can’t be prepared for everything, but you CAN be ready. And I can help. If you’re ready to start getting the rest, nourishment, and most importantly - SLEEP - that you deserve, be sure to follow the show wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss an episode.