2.00 || Welcome Back

Forgive Me!

Sep 21 2021 • 2 mins

Father Ben welcomes his congregation back to the confessional. Produced by Rogue Dialogue Productions (roguedialogue.com) Written and directed by Jack Marone and Bob Raymonda Cast: Casey Callaghan as Father Ben Leslie Gideon as Caitlin Jordan Stillman as Tanna Sena Beyer as Stacy Jack Marone as Steve David S. Dear as Bill Chad Ellis as Dylan T.H. Ponders as Jeremy Dallas Wheatley as Andrew Sarah Rhea Werner as Darla Josh Rubino as Klem Sawyer Greene as Mitchell Krystal Osborne as Clara Sound design and score by Adam Raymonda Logo by Sam Twardy (www.samtwardy.com) Follow @ForgiveMeShow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Find a transcript of the episode here. For early access to episodes and bonus content become a patron at patreon.com/roguedialogue Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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