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Hello superhumans! My Fertility Podcast is hosted by Dr. Meivys Garcia and Dr. Marta Wais, REIs at Markham Fertility Centre. Each week we'll explore the many facets of conception, pregnancy, and reproductive health. We're not just talking about the medical side of things, but also the emotional, psychological, and even the societal aspects that come with the journey to parenthood. Infertility is hard enough. Our goal is to provide education along with a good dose of encouragement and support. Whether you're just starting to think about having a baby, actively trying or facing challenges along the way, My Fertility Podcast will be your go to resource for honest conversations and a supportive community. Let's demystify the world of fertility together.

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EP13: Infertility support groups made possible with OasisFSN
Jun 4 2024
EP13: Infertility support groups made possible with OasisFSN
*Trigger warning: Before this episode begins, we want you to know that the content of this episode speaks to pregnancy loss and miscarriages and or a viable pregnancy. We understand this content may be triggering to some of you and you may wish to save this episode for another day. Remember your emotions are valid and we encourage you to take care of yourself and reach out to reliable resources for support when you need them.On today's episode we welcome Erin and Tiffany, Co-founders of Oasis Fertility Support Network. Driven by their own personal struggles with infertility, Erin and Tiffany found each other within a community of like-minded individuals at a local support group. Their quest for hope and support became the inspiration behind Oasis Fertility Support Network, rooted in the firm belief that no one should endure the desert of infertility alone.  Through their dedication and empathy, Erin and Tiffany have built a Non-Profit Organization offering free programs and support groups for anyone experiencing infertility. They offer safe spaces where individuals can find community, understanding, encouragement, hope, strength and a sense of belonging.   As one of the rare free-of-charge support group organizations across Canada, Oasis warmly embraces all who seek solace within a compassionate community. With currently 10 in-person support groups and 6 virtual support groups already in operation the team has very ambitious plans for expansion. For more information, visit their website at Erin and Tiffany also host a heartfelt podcast called The Oasis Fertility Podcast where they share real stories of individuals who have navigated the complexities of infertility.  Follow us on Instagram @myfertilitypodcast, YouTube @MyFertilityPodcast, or reach out to us at info@myfertilitypodcast.comVisit Markham Fertility Centre at