Ep 5: Don't Be a Total Party Kill, Man


Nov 18 2020 • 59 mins

Now that Mackie has his best bow tie all clipped on and everything the crew is ready to call back Anton's ex and attend a swanky underwater affair at La Casa Del Hombre Elegante. Anton repeatedly tries to explain the difference between an invite to party and an invite to A party while Hilde tries to figure out how to fit in. Meanwhile, Mackie is on the hunt for the buffet table as Hopper tries frantically to keep him from accidental harm. The whole event heats up when the crew discovers an impromptu hockey game taking place in the Casa's art gallery complete with terra cotta warrior goalies and priceless objets de'art in peril. Will Mackie's quick thinking distract Hilde long enough to keep her from picking a fight over these priceless artifacts? Find out this week (and maybe next) on Astronomica!

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The theme music for our show includes recordings from the Hubble telescope
Editing done by Kristen Schebler

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