MeatEater’s Gear Talk Podcast


MeatEater’s Gear Talk Podcast with Janis Putelis and Jordan Budd dives into the details and efficacy of the gear they use in the backcountry. From comparative reviews to complete pack dumps for specific adventures, Janis and Jordan explore the intricacies of different products, manufacturers, and materials to help you decide whether it’ll make your next trip a success.

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Our Editor's Take

The MeatEater's Gear Talk Podcast shares recommendations for fans of outdoor adventure. The hosts are Jordan Budd and Janis Putelis, who are hunters committed to conservation. This series focuses on the ideal equipment to pack for trips into the backcountry. More than a gear list, this podcast analyzes each item, sharing research and insight. Writer and TV star Steven Rinella founded the outdoor lifestyle company MeatEater. He produces and hosts the MeatEater TV show and The MeatEater Podcast. Jordan and Janis join that podcast from time to time.

Guests join the MeatEater's Gear Talk Podcast to share their experiences. TV director Clay Croft reveals his guide to camping in a car. He organizes his trips in categories. There's a shelter section to ensure a good night's sleep and a cooking category to stay fueled. Clay also includes a section for any extras, such as hunting gear. He then shares his recommendations for what to have in each category.

MeatEater crew member Garrett Long joins to talk about the best hunting bullets. Together, they discuss design and performance to help listeners make the right choices. They talk with experience, as each one is tested by the podcast's crew.

Some podcast episodes combine a variety of topics as they answer listener questions. One episode shares success stories when it comes to hunting turkeys. Jordan and Janis also talk about how to care for leather boots for wet conditions. Janis explains that if they aren't protected, those boots will let water in as soon as there's dew on the grass. They also discuss their preferred stove systems and how to cope with ticks.

The MeatEater's Gear Talk Podcast is a guide to staying organized and packing right for the outdoors. Jordan and Janis share their experiences and advice for every type of adventure. They provide annual reviews with gear recommendations and answer listener questions throughout. Listeners who love the great outdoors may appreciate this podcast.

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Ep. 18: Mechanical Sympathy
Jun 15 2023
Ep. 18: Mechanical Sympathy
This week we discuss getting your rig stuck and unstuck with Clay Croft from X Overland. We cover tires, traction boards, tow straps, jacks, chains, attachment points and how best to use the aforementioned equipment. If you travel down muddy, rocky, snowy, wet dirt roads in search of hunting adventure this episode is for you. To see more of what Clay Croft is up to check out: List of items mentioned in the Gear Talk podcast:  CLAY CROFT Hi lift jack ARB air compressor, single and twin, portable Maxtrax recovery kit Maxtrax recovery boards Warn recovery kit (tow strap, snatch strap) Warn (or Factory 55) soft shackles ARB hydraulic jack ARB Tire repair kit Slime repair kit General Grabber AT/X tires General Grabber X3 tires Warn winches Shovel (different levels, Home Depot to DMOS) DMOS Delta Pro shovel:   DMOS Nomad shovel: Noco battery jump pack for privacy information.