Right to be Forgotten with Elizabeth Ward & Amy Christopher

The Healthier Tech Podcast

Mar 8 2022 • 1 hr 16 mins

Today on the show we tackle the complex subject surrounding the ‘right to be forgotten.’ This is the regulation that offers various online protections to EU citizens but is not something that is widely adopted outside of Europe.

You might think that the laws and legislations around your online rights would be simple but as you will hear this is actually a complex issue as rules can easily cross boundaries of morality and freedom of speech.

For this episode we have brought in two guests to discuss different points of their experience around these rules. The first is Intellectual Property expert Elizabeth Ward who shares just what a minefield the regulations can be to in a legal context.

Our second guest is sports presenter Amy Christophers who has personal experience of enacting the right to be forgotten in order to have materials removed from the internet and shares the personal and professional cost of the process.

  • What is the Right to be Forgotten
  • Legislation in relation to the right to be forgotten
  • The challenges of taking down information from the internet
  • What is the process of delisting
  • How the Data Protection Act is used in law
  • Lawful processing to protect your IP
  • The personal and professional tool of elicit materials being illegally shared

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