Megan Mikkelsen Wants You To Keep Your Home Toxin-Free

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Jan 10 2023 • 31 mins

Megan Mikkelsen is the host of the Toxin-Free Talk podcast and has many great ideas on how to keep your home toxin-free. Toxins can come in your water, your food, your detergent and soap, and if you don’t know what to look for, just buying a “green” label won’t always protect you. She has many tips on her website and offers a DIY online course to help detoxify your home.

In this episode you will hear:

  • It’s easier now than 10 years ago to find ways to live healthy
  • Megan’s DIY online course on detoxifying your home
  • The “fragrance loophole” in US regulations
  • Be aware of who owns a brand. They may appear “green” but could be owned by a larger company that doesn’t share your values
  • Some traditionally plastic packaging has become more green
  • Even tech relationships can be toxic, be aware of who you’re following and supporting on social media
  • Dryer sheets are terrible for the environment and for your skin

About Megan:

Health and the environment have been my top interests since I was a teen. I went on to get my Masters of Public Health and started a career in health education, policy, and communications. When I become a mom, I dove head first into making our home healthier. I wanted to create a healthy and happy home for our family. Raising my daughters in an environment with minimal toxins - that’s the crux of my “why”. I know deciphering the confusing and misleading marketplace of cleaners and everyday products isn’t always easy. That’s why I created Detox by Design - to share toxin-free living strategies and help you navigate the confusing marketplace, providing the knowledge you need to make safer choices for you and your family. I share tips on how to easily and quickly detox the home through my podcast Toxin-Free Talk. I also share tips in my Facebook group, Toxin-Free Talk, and on Instagram. I also share weekly tips in my email newsletter.

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