S1E2: Organizing life with Rasha Ezzeddine, Marketing Director from Kuwait

KAAIwomen around the world

Sep 23 2022 • 26 mins

Rasha Ezzeddine (Kuwait) is a Belgian with Lebanese roots who lives between Kuwait and Dubai. Rasha is a marketing director in the telecom industry and a real global citizen. Despite moving around the world, she took her interest and obsession with music, books, organization and handbags from one place to the next.

Reporting to two GMs at the same time comes with long working hours. She experienced better than anyone how working life in Kuwait differs from that in Europe.  Also when it comes to organizing your professional agenda.

"When I worked in Europe we were blocking time for meetings in our calendars... here I have to explain that concept to the people I work with. (laughs)"

Listen and discover the way to a healthy work-life balance in Kuwait. From external household help to the influence of families with a real sense of community. Enjoy!