Alien Butt Stuff and Cryptids’ Bar Tabs; What would you steal from an alien space craft?

Misfits and Mysteries

Jul 29 2021 • 44 mins

Heyo Misifts! Steve may be down 1 appendix, but we still cranked out a fantastic episode for y’all this week. Steve takes us through a few spooky cryptids, like the New Orleans Devil Man. Basically, he’s a regular dude who uses teleportation to skip out on bar tabs (where can I get this super power??). Emmy then overviews a few crazy alien abductions, including an account from this one dude who claims to have ~made love~ with a red haired alien while in a UFO. This begs the question, what would you steal from a UFO if you were abducted to prove it was real? Don’t ask Steve - it has something to do with butt stuff. If you want to hear more from Steve and Emmy, remember to tune in every Thursday for more mind-blowing and hysterical content. You can also check out our blog on our website: misfitsandmysteries.com And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @podcast_misfits !