Redefining Wellness: Startup Transforms the Fitness Industry

Million Dollar Monday

Oct 25 2021 • 18 mins

“Passion is key. Be obsessed with the solution you’re offering,” shares Ed Buckley, who transformed the fitness industry through creating a flexible corporate wellness program. Tune in to Million Dollar Monday to hear the story of Peerfit and key advice to growing a company through networking and fundraising.

Chapter Summaries

Key takeaway's

  • At Peerfit we help employers and health insurance plans pay for their members to go to fitness experiences. It's really about being physically active and going with your peers, right? The mental, emotional, social health. It's not just about the physical activity.
  • We always assume that corporate wellness or works at wellness dollars would be a piece of the business, but it turns out that it was the business. That was the piece, you know, you can't be all things to all people. You got to find one lane and run it. And especially when you're getting that early traction.
  • Once you get the first person in your network that is somehow connected to investors, then almost everyone is now connected to investors. So it took me three degrees to get there. And then from there, it's just literally talking to them about your idea, talking to them about your passion.
  • A mentor of mine always said, nobody can tell the business better than you. You're the founder. You're the CEO. You got where it was going. And you get where it's going now. No one should be able to pitch this business better than you.
  • I think passion is the key. You've got to be passionate. If you're doing this because you have a degree in entrepreneurship or you think startups are cool, you are doomed to fail.
  • If you're really passionate and you're fairly competitive, when you take a loss, it almost energizes you more than those high highs.
  • Embrace the lows and see them as opportunities to get galvanized, to get excited and to figure out whatever it is that gets you back to growing and going.
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