Applecart: How Sacha Samotin Built A $30 Million Business

Million Dollar Monday

Jan 2 2023 • 22 mins

Jeopardy, the path from politics to business, and an idea that started in a college dorm room. The Co-Founder of Applecart, Sacha Samotin, discusses how the idea to build a platform that uses publicly available data to advertise came to be, what kind of business mistakes he has made and lessons learned from them, the importance of building a sustainable team of people, and more in this episode.

Chapter Summaries:

  • 0:40 - Introducing Sacha Samotin
  • 1:32 - Sacha On Jeopardy
  • 2:56 - Dorm Room Start-Up
  • 4:23 - What is Applecart?
  • 6:05 - Applecart at Work
  • 9:09 - Relationships and Networking
  • 9:35 - Applecart's Origins
  • 10:43 - Advice for Business and Dating
  • 11:20 - Fundraising a Business
  • 15:19 - Mistakes in Business
  • 18:18 - Success in Business


  • We think word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising, but it's really difficult to sort of seed that word of mouth. And that's where we come in and are really helpful
  • You should count the number of no’s you get, not the number of yes’s. If you target a hundred no’s, you will get the yes’s you're looking for and you won't be as disappointed when you don't get a yes every time.
  • The best possible thing that happened to us is that we weren't able to raise money early because there were a lot of problems that come with raising money, when you're not really ready to spend it or know exactly what you want to do with it.
  • Growth at any cost is not the priority. You want to grow your team in a sustainable, intelligent way.

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