Top Secrets of Successful People featuring Jennifer Kushell

Million Dollar Monday

Sep 27 2021 • 28 mins

Are you reaching your full potential or trapped in a bubble? Jennifer Kushell, Founder of Explore Your Potential, discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo the importance of exposure to resources, information and networks. Understanding what’s on the ‘menu of life’ is a game changer.
Chapter Summaries

Key Takeaways

  • Acknowledge you live in a bubble, we all do. Recognize where you comfort zone is and where you exposure stops.
  • When you help young people connect with things that are exciting to them in the real world, they self efficate. They take control and ownership of their own path instead of us telling them go to school, take tests and get a job. We tried to build a process that was far more organic, exciting, and interesting, so they can dream big and so they can discover anything that they want, that they're interested in and find tangible next steps to do the things they love.
  • A conference is like going to a planet, filled with people, doing the things that you love.
  • People through their positivity, their sense of gratitude, their sense of energetic belief can attract opportunities.
  • There are universal truths. Every young person wants to find their own path. Every young person wants to find a way to be recognized, to be acknowledged for who they are and what's special about them. Young people in particular want to do something of significance in the world
  • What we're trying to do is give young people their own view perspective on the world and show them the biggest broadest possible view, and then helping them very surgically connect what they're interested in and what they like and what they're talented in with what opportunity exists. And that might be local. It might be global. It might be something that they're aware of. And most times they discover things. They never had any idea existed.

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