Coworking Together and Scaling Your Business in Today's World

Million Dollar Monday

Dec 5 2022 • 17 mins

Show Notes
”Coworking is about different personalities, different entrepreneurs, and what they are looking for,” Natasha Mohan says. “Sitting down with them, understanding their business model, understanding their business goals and needs, and making them happy to engage with a company and a team that is going to help them fulfill those.” The Founder and CEO of WorkSocial, a shared office space company, explains her take on coworking, how to scale a business in today's world, and creating “movements in happiness.”


  • 1:48 - The Early Years of WorkSocial
  • 3:37 - Creating Movements of Happiness
  • 5:55 - Coworking in Today's World
  • 7:12 - WorkSocial as an Office Assistant
  • 10:51 - The Benefits of Flexy
  • 13:19 - The Future and Importance of Coworking
  • 14:59 - Happiness Hacking

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  • Happiness is always a movement in life
  • When you walk into a WorkSocial environment, you're coming into a clean and very vibrant atmosphere. But at the same time, a very warm one, whether it's engaging with our team members or just with the people around you. They're all very friendly, warm people with the same goals. You're here to build a business, and so we're all learning from each other.
  • When a client walks through the door, whether they become a client or not, I'm learning about their business. I'm sitting there and, and really engaging and listening to them. What are their ideas? What are their goals? And kind of helping them design an office-based setting that's going to work for them.
  • Coworking spaces allow entrepreneurs to come in with a virtual office, a low-cost solution to being a professional business, utilizing conference rooms when they need to meet clients, getting their mail handled with a team on site, and then working their way up to a private office space. They can establish their teams and their businesses at a location that doesn't take too much of the revenue so their bottom line isn’t hindered when it comes to business and growth.


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