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Million Dollar Monday

Jan 10 2022 • 25 mins

“You are just one shift away from unleashing the unlimited success that awaits,” shares Anthony Trucks. After many adversities including being placed in foster care at a young age and losing his NFL career to an injury, Trucks learned the power of “shifting your identity” to reach your full potential.  Tune in to this NEW episode of Million Dollar Monday to hear more.

Chapter Summaries

Key Takeaways:

  • “A smooth sea makes not a skilled sailor.”
  • It has to do with this desire for us to have easy lives. And when we miss out on the actual aspects of the strength, we need to have a great life because life doesn't get easier, we just get stronger.
  • And what happens is the apple falls off the tree and we feel horrible, like the apple off the tree. And eventually that apple rots and we feel rotten. And that's how we operate our life. But we don't realize we were never the apple. You were always the tree. And when you only focus on the piece of fruit, you lose sight of the tree, which means you don't give it the nutrients. You don't get it in the sun. You don't take it. You don't prune the branches. So all of a sudden the fruit dies.
  • It's all about the goal, the plan and the start.
  • Well a big thing for me is to understand how identity and mindset differ.
  • In the book, I explain how to shift into the identity that has the things you want most in life. Because if you were of that identity, you already have those things.

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