Protecting the Planet in Style: The Fair Harbor Clothing Story

Million Dollar Monday

May 1 2023 • 22 mins

Get ready to be inspired by Jake and Caroline Danehy, the visionary siblings behind Fair Harbor Clothing, who transformed their shared passion for sustainability into a thriving and profitable company – not to mention earning recognition on the Forbes 30 under 30 list! Listen now to hear the dynamic duo sit down with host Greg Muzzillo and share their journey of creating a sustainable beachwear brand from scratch, scaling it to new heights, and turning it into the success story it is today.

1:51 - A Passion for Business and Sustainability
6:17 - From Idea to Business
8:48 - The Start of Designing and Constructing Clothing
11:46 - Trunk Shows
13:46 - Scaling the Business
16:57 - Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned
19:45 - Success Along the Way

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  • We've always really had this passion deep inside of us. And this is just a way to kind of make a larger impact through the work that we're doing with the Harbor.
  • Sometimes there are no massive, big wins. There is just grinding, grinding it out. Great little decisions that at the end of the day, lead to a big business
  • If you treat a customer well and you have a great product, they'll keep coming back.
  • It got crazy. At one point, we were sending up to 500 to 1,000 orders per day from our parents' garage.
  • We'd been so passionate about this from the beginning, and that passion is what drives you to make time to see the vision through.
  • In the first four years of the company, we did over 500 trunk shows. We traveled up and down the east coast, going to small beach towns, talking to everyone and anyone who would hear our story and touch and feel our product.
  • Our mission statement in a nutshell is to create products for people that make it so they can enjoy the home that they love.


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