One Uncommon Way to Start or Acquire a Business

Million Dollar Monday

Dec 20 2021 • 22 mins

Did you know that there are ways to turn your retirement funds into a more active investment to empower your dreams? Tune in as David Nilssen shares how he has helped 25,000 entrepreneurs to access over $5 billion to start or buy a business. He also discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo the importance about being intentional in your relationships and creating the life you want.

Key Takeaways

  • There are ways to turn retirement funds into a more active, rather than a passive investment, an active investment, helping empower dreams to own a business or buy a business
  • That was the day where we realized that we could move outside of this localized, regional business opportunity and do something that could be much more impactful across the nation.
  • Incredible how sometimes just a moment in time can give us an inflection point. That makes a huge difference in the business.
  • And so I just learned early on to just be open to everything that is happening around me and just be curious, and that, that ended up working out well.
  • For entrepreneurs, being intentional in your relationships is probably one of the most important things you can do.
  • It can be very lonely because the people that you work with day in day out, don't want to hear about your problems or challenges. And sometimes you need somebody to talk to about those before you could even externalize that with your own team. And so Entrepreneur’s Organization and Young Presidents Organization serve as great places to connect you with like-minded individuals in non-competitive industries who can help you think through some of the challenges and opportunities that inevitably come.
  • What we've started to do is evolve financial guidance, to move away from just financing to not only helping entrepreneurs find capital, but then provide them with important business services that they need.
  • Create the life you want.

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