Lindsey Amerine

Welcome to Unscripted. I’m Lindsey Amerine, PharmD, MS, BCPS, FASHP, and I’ve been a pharmacist for 12 years and in leadership roles for even longer. Throughout my career, the one thing I consistently enjoy is one-on-one conversations. Finding out people’s passions and what gets them excited. This podcast is to represent those conversations authentically. This isn’t a platform presentation so the conversation will be casual, just people having a conversation. The pharmacist in me will ensure I'm prepared for the guests that join though. The podcast will naturally feature conversations with those in pharmacy, medicine, and leadership, but it is not limited to that. I have a wide array of interests outside my professional affiliations and will capture those in this podcast. Become a part of the unscripted community where we can be ourselves and cover diverse topics through great conversation. read less