1 Yauhas 3 ( 1 John 3 )

The Hmong Bible Daily Podcasts

Nov 19 2021 • 7 mins

1 Yauhas 3. This is a daily reading from the Hmong Bible by Lo Lee. Season “12“ Episode “3“ from the book of “1 John“. Enjoy. Disclaimer. God’s word the Bible is an important part of those who follows him and it can change the life of those who take it seriously. The intention of this audio recording is to spread the word of God to anyone who understand Hmong. This audio can be downloaded and is only for personal use. It is not to be copy, edit in any shape or form, commercialize, upload to the internet, or change in any way without Lo Lee’s permission. Lo Lee is the original owner of the voice recording and has the right to this audio. All background music is provided by Anchor or a source that Lo Lee has the right to use. Thank you for your interest in The Hmong Bible and may you be change as you listen.

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