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Interview with Nora Chahbazi-CEO of EBLI (Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction)
Oct 5 2022
Interview with Nora Chahbazi-CEO of EBLI (Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction)
This podcast is an interview with Nora Chahbazi, the founder of EBLI and a devoted advocate of high level literacy for all. Formerly a Neonatal ICU nurse, Nora's daughter’s struggles catapulted her into the world of literacy instruction in 1997. She has been dedicated to providing teachers – and students – with effective, efficient literacy instruction ever since.Nora is a voracious reader and believe that no one should suffer unnecessarily because they have not yet been taught in a way that results in them becoming a highly proficient reader. The nation’s education system has recently become more interested in the research on the science of reading and how the brain functions when learning to read and read well. This is a welcome and exciting shift!With EBLI, Nora is eager to provide educators with a bridge from  the science of reading to application with students in the classroom. We know that 95-100% of students can and will become proficient at reading with effective, efficient instruction based on the science of reading.In training and coaching thousands of teachers over the years, Nora has seen firsthand their dedication and devotion in the classroom. They deserve to have the highest quality tools, support, and knowledge to best utilize their expertise to get their students to their highest literacy potential. Nora is part of an eye-opening upcoming documentary, "The Truth About Reading", from Emmy® Award-Winning Director, Nick Nanton. The vision for the film is to create a society in which every individual has the literary skills to become successful in all aspects of life including family, education, work, and community service.For more information, visit For more information about EBLI (Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction) or to connect with Nora Chahbazi, visit or email Nora at