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Lina AbuJamra

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Sep 9 2020
1 min
Soul Sisters 8: A Biblical Perspective of MoneySoul Sisters 7: Healthy Body, Healthy MindSoul Sisters 6: Cultivating FriendshipsSoul Sisters #5: Marriage and SinglenessSoul Sisters #4: Making MarginSoul Sisters #3: Rage AgeSoul Sisters #2: Practical Parenting in a Post-Truth WorldSoul Sisters #1: Our StoryDear Lina: I feel disconnected from my church. Is it me or is it the state of the church?Dear Lina: Is The Bachelorette consistent with godly character or virtues?How can I determine if a closed door is opposition or God’s call for me to persevere in faith?Dear Lina: Why do I always feel like God is unhappy with me when bad things happen in my life?Dear Lina: What should I do when God seems silent?Dear Lina: Is it ever OK to call someone out publicly as a heretic and false teacher?Dear Lina: Should I leave my church if they are too politically involved, and I disagree with their politics?Dear Lina: What does discipleship look like in today’s post Covid church culture?Dear Lina: What does self-defense look like for a Christian?Dear Lina: How can you as a Christian doctor support the Covid vaccine?Dear Lina: How do I have political conversations at my workplace without getting emotionally vested and upset?Dear Lina: How do I share my faith in the current cultural climate?