Pepper's Podcast - Episode 6 (Feat: Seth Lewis)

Pepper's Podcast

Jul 16 2021 • 29 mins

In the latest installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper welcomes a special guest to the show who helps leave an artistic footprint throughout the OKC area. Seth Lewis, Arts Director for Arts Council Oklahoma City, spearheads an array of live events, like Opening Night, OKC's New Year's Eve celebration, and the Sunday Twilight Concert Series, for the local community. Listen as Seth describes his passion for the OKC community and his work to bring world-class artists to OKC for various events. It's painstaking work, but Seth and his team help provide a true service for the people of the area. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another great conversation from a class-act Oklahoman! Timecodes: 0:30 - Welcome Seth Lewis to the show and some background on his role with the Arts Council 2:00 - What the Arts Council does for the OKC community 5:00 - How the Arts Council is ultimately funded and able to perform its duties 7:00 - The Opening Night event and all that it entails 8:50 - Importance behind the Arts Council's volunteers and donors 10:35 - When planning begins for the Festival of the Arts 11:50 - How artists are selected for the festival 16:00 - When the festival is held each year 19:00 - How the festival is positioned throughout the city 21:00 - How you can contribute and help out with the festival 22:30 - Art really bring people together 24:15 - Where to learn more information surrounding the Arts Council 26:20 - The various murals throughout the OKC community 28:40 - Closing remarks Connect with Pepper DeVaughn: https://parrishdevaughn.com/ (Website) https://www.facebook.com/Peppers-Podcast-108916684350206 (Facebook) https://www.linkedin.com/in/pepper-devaughn-a281b7122 (LinkedIn)