Simplifying Entrepreneurship

Pete Mohr

You own your business, it shouldn't own you! Welcome to Simplifying Entrepreneurship podcast, the series designed to help you change your entrepreneurial worries and wants into wins, by providing the tips and tools that will help you cut through the chaos and create clarity for your business and your entrepreneurial life.

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Introducing the Simplifying Entrepreneurship Podcast
May 13 2021
Introducing the Simplifying Entrepreneurship Podcast
Episode TranscriptionWelcome to the simplifying entrepreneurship podcast where we believe that clarity creates confidence and confidence ignites momentum. And that's why we've created this series designed to help business owners and leaders transform their worries and wants in the winds by asking the questions that simplify entrepreneurship.Each episode will explore a question that will make you think about the way that you operate and lead your business. topics will cover leadership and marketing operations, your team and human resources, strategy sales, personal productivity and more questions like: Are you running your business, or is it running you? What are the vampires that suck the blood out of your business? And does your website pass the grunt test? Do you suffer from email overwhelm? Or is your mission statement actually memorable and meaningful? Remember, each of these questions will be its own episode, and we'll break them down and dig deeper to help you transform them into wins for your business. As a leader, you spend your days making decisions, and it shouldn't have to be so hard. I love the acronym for the word system that was shared to me by one of my coaches Joel Weldon. A system is something that saves you stress time, energy and money. And that's our promise to you with this podcast will bring you the systems that simplify entrepreneurship. Business leaders are busy people so the episodes will be shortened to the point. That way you can put the question of the day in action. As soon as the episode is over. There'll be special guests as well as returning ones on the issues that cause frustration, irritation and even sleep loss as you strive to improve your business and life as a leader at work. Stay tuned as the Simplifying Entrepreneurship podcast will be launching soon. You won't want to miss it.If you’re ready to transform your entrepreneurial frustrations into freedoms by cutting through the chaos and using frameworks that help you run an even better business and enjoy an even better life, simply go to:   www.Mohr.CoachTake the free assessment on the top right-hand side of my website and we’ll set up a time to chat!I'd love to connect with you on my social channels“I love these short podcasts full of takeaways to simplify my business” Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap to rate with five stars, and select “Write a Review.” Then be sure to let me know what you loved most about the episode!Support the show (