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The wind is a'blowing
Jan 19 2021
The wind is a'blowing
Mark's latest Medium piece: On Surveillance Capitalism (and ultimately the climate catastrophe)Books everyone should be readingThe Age of Surveillance Capitalism - Shoshana ZuboffClimate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal - Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin, with C. J. PolychroniouBig Tech NewsLegislation β€” Break Up Big Tech ActAnti-trust β€” leading contenders for the Biden administration DOJ Antitrust Division personnelBoards β€” Amazon's board of directorsBoards β€” Z___ team and board of directorsBoards β€”Z___ announcement on Janet Napolitano board appointmentBrief History of Z___ shenanigans β€” encryption not fit for secrets, audio and video watermarking, misleading marketing, experts worry app is malwareMetamorphic NewsPortals β€” our Portals are end-to-end (e2ee) encrypted (Patreon post - more details in the technical notes section)Patreon β€” new quarterly merchandise tiers ($25+) and new merchandise item for our $10 tierEncryptionE2EE β€” learn more about end-to-end encryptionBackdoor β€” what is a software backdoor?Signal β€” the app that set the current high-standard for end-to-end encryptionMLS β€” we are looking forward to the IETF's Messaging Layer Security (MLS) protocol standardPost Quantum β€” learn more, NIST competitionPuka DogsWhat is a Puka Dog?Our Incredible PartnersThe Land InstituteWild Salmon CenterPacific Forest TrustSAVE~ Thank you to our amazing Patrons ~CeciliaLuluRyanMarkSamDavidAndrew** Special Thanks **John & CindyJon & Justin,