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Feb 16 2020 • 1 min

As you can tell, this isn't an episode! But it's a request to you, our lovely listener, to share Sharp if you love it. There's all sorts of way you can share this audio: * Copy and past the page this 'episode' is on from the website, into your social media* Share the website 'subscribe' page* If you use a podcatcher - there's usually a 'share episode' option. You could share it:* Direct to a friend in WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, text message* Direct onto social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.* You could put it up on YOUR website or social media account* Or you could do a screenshot and then post the image onto anywhere!* Or of course you can go onto our social media, find this promo, and re-share. All the social links are below* Finally - here's an old fashioned idea: You could tell people in person! As always, we're really grateful for your help in supporting this podcast, and a 'proper' episode will be coming next - we promise! * Rate or subscribe at apple podcasts by going here - apple podcasts* Contact us on Twitter - we are @sharppodcast here* Connect with us on Facebook -* Share with at us on Instagram -* Post comments on the website. This link will take you to home page, and then you can go onto the episode you'd like to comment on here Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening