In a World of...Improvised Movie Homages

Avish Parashar and Mike Worth

The funny podcast that uses short form improv comedy games to tell long form improvised stories in the style of famous movies. Do you love movies? Are you a fan of short form improv comedy like Whose Line is it Anyway? Are you intrigued by the idea of long form improv comedy storytelling? Are you interested in storytelling and the creative process? Do you enjoy funny movie podcasts? Then this is the show for you! Join Avish Parashar (improv comedy performer and teacher and professional speaker) and Mike Worth (improv comedian and music composer of film, tv shows, and video games) build a “movie” on the spot, right before your very eyes - err - I mean “ears.” Here’s how our “improv comedy podcast” works: We start with a base genre and a couple of example movies, shows, or stories. Then the show is broken into segments: First, we brainstorm the tropes and standard elements of that style of show Second, we create a high level outline for this week’s show. Third, we pick the improv games we will play to create this story Finally, we perform the show! All this is done in real time so you can observe the creative process and also enjoy the finish product. For more info, the episode archive, and to submit ideas and suggestions for future shows, visit: www.AvishAndMike.com.
Engineering Titanium Destiny (In the Style of a "Robot Friend" Movie like Short Circuit and The Iron Giant)Invaders (In the Style of a Sci-Fi Horror Action Movie like Aliens)Land of the Giant Forest Iguanas (In the Style of a Planet of the Apes Sci-Fi Movie) with Special Guest Rick Horner!Floating Through Misery (In the Style of a Survival Movie like The Edge or The Grey)Stealing Honor (In the Style of a "Reluctant Thief" Movie Like Thief or Sabotage )Beastials (In the style of a “Critter Horror” like the Movie Gremlins or the Critters Movie)Fallen Night of Terror (In the Style of a Michael Myers Halloween Movie like the Upcoming Halloween Kills)Demon Shadow of the Spawn Crib (In the style of The Omen Movie or other movies about the antichrist like Rosemary’s Baby and the Seventh Sign.)Far From Disney (In the style of a James Bond movie like No Time to Day, A View to a Kill, or any one of the 26 James Bond Movies there have been)Assault on Philadelphia's Earth (In the Style of an Alien Invasion Movie like Independence Day, War of the Worlds, or Skyline)Running Away With Flour (In the Style of a Pygmalion Movie like My Fair Lady and the Princess Diaries)Blossoming Necromancer (In the Style of Mythica and a Dungeons and Dragons Movie or Game)Summer of Decay (In the Style of a Slasher Horror Movie...)Mystical Sphere of Destiny (In the Style of a Mystical Martial Arts Movie like Shang Chi and Wu Assassins...)Camp Canoe and the Flow (In the Style of a Kids Summer Camp Movie...)Day of Humongous Vegetation (In the Style of a Disaster Movie like The Core or Armageddon)